E168 on Baxi HE A Boilers

Error Code E168 on Baxi HE & HE A Boilers

Watch our video guide on error code E168 to find out why your boiler has displayed this particular error code

Error code E168 appears on your boiler's digital display when the boiler has detected an issue, for which there could be a number of potential reasons.  As a safety precaution, the boiler automatically ceases to function in order to protect the appliance from further damage. Our helpful video guide will show you the common causes of error code E168.

Work through our easy to follow, step by step checks to establish the root cause of the issue and save yourself both time and money by helping your Gas Safe registered engineer quickly identify the original cause for the error code.

I would like to know more about E168

Which boilers can be affected by E168?

Error code E168 is applicable to the Baxi high efficiency range of boilers, to include:-

  • Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE

& Duo-tec Combi HE A

  • Baxi Megaflo System HE

& Megaflo System HE A

  • Baxi Platinum Combi HE 

& Baxi Platinum Combi HE A

Baxi HE & HE A Boiler range

What causes error code E168 to occur?

The most common causes for the E168 error code are:-
• Resetting your boiler in attempt to clear a fault.

heateam would always recommend that home owners make a note of the error code displayed by their boiler and seek advice from the boiler installation manual or Baxi /heateam website.  Resetting the boiler in attempt to clear an error code should only be done if the manufacturer has instructed the homeowner to do so.

• An inconsistent or an interrupted electrical supply to the boiler.

Power surges or power cuts, especially whilst your boiler is in operation can potentially damage your boiler.  If you "pay as you go” for your energy, keeping your credit topped up will help to prevent an E168 error code from occurring.  A power fault within the home should be repaired prior to repairing your boiler to prevent the E168 from occurring again.

• The boiler not being used for prolonged periods of time.

If your boiler remains inactive for excessive periods of time, for instance during the summer months, older boilers may experience issues on start up or whilst trying to complete any demands for heating and hot water. To help keep your boiler in good working order, running your central heating and hot water at a low temperature for short spells during times where your boiler is normally inactive, will help to prolong the life span of the boiler's components.

Cause's of E168

How can I get the E168 issue fixed?

To repair the E168 fault, you will need a Gas Safe registered engineer. Or ideally, the installer who originally fitted your boiler. heateam would recommend in the instance of an E168 error code, that the home owner have a fully qualified electrician repair any electrical faults within the home prior to repairing the boiler.


Is there anything I can do to help my Gas Safe registered engineer?

You can help your Gas Safe registered engineer by completing our simple step by step checks. This will help you save time and money by guiding your engineer to the original source of the problem, or helping to identify a fault within the home causing your boiler to exhibit the E168 error code.

You can help

Check 1

  • Does your boiler have a consistent electrical supply?
  • If you "pay as you go” for your energy, do you have credit?

If you answered NO to either of these, then your boiler has most likely developed the E168 error code due to an inconsistency of power to the boiler.  You may just need to keep your power supply topped up or be more mindful on how you shut your boiler down in the future to help prevent E168 from reoccurring.

Check 2

  • Are other electrical household items experiencing power supply difficulties?

If you answered Yes, you may have an electrical supply fault within the home, and will need a fully qualified electrician to repair the fault prior to repairing your boiler.


  • Was the boiler displaying any other error codes prior to E168? Such as:-













If you answered Yes, remembering what your boiler displayed prior to E168 could lead your engineer straight to the cause of the issue.  Make a note of the code and inform your engineer.

Check 4

  • When you experience the E168 fault, does it occur when you request heating?
    - Or hot water?
    - Or does it occur on both heating and hot water requests?

Identifying when E168 occurs will help your Gas Safe registered engineer identify the probable cause of the issue and eliminate any unnecessary testing of boiler components.

Select your Check!

Select your Check!

We recommend all first time viewers watch the full Basic Check video guides series from 1 to 5, to avoid missing a check that could quickly and easily fix your boiler. However if you have seen the video series before and you know what range of checks you are looking for, you may use this link to select your chosen check.