Error Code E133 on Baxi GA Boilers

"How to..." Reset Baxi GA boilers and identify reasons for error code E133

Our heateam "How to...” video guide for error code E133 applicable to the Baxi GA Range of boilers, to include the Baxi Neta-tec Combi, Duo-tec Combi & Megaflo System Compact. The video will show you how to reset Baxi GA boilers and diagnose and repair potential reasons for the fault.

Error code E133 appears on your boiler's digital display when the boiler fails to light or cannot sustain combustion. Our video guide will show you all the necessary steps you must take prior to resetting the boiler.

For instance, ensuring your boiler has been given a heating demand, by turning on a hot water tap and leaving the tap running while the boiler is being reset.

The video will also show what you should expect to see on the boiler's LCD screen when resetting your appliance.  Our "How to...” video guide makes resetting and identifying reasons for the error simple and quick.

With our clear and concise animated graphics, we show you how to reset your boiler and restore heating and hot water. So watch our video now and get your boiler up and running again quickly and easily.

Guide for error code E133

(Baxi GA boilers)

heateam recommend that in all cases of experiencing error code E133 on the Baxi GA boiler, viewers of this page refer to our "How to...” video guide prior to attempting to rectify the error.

Below is a condensed guide on how to reset the boiler and identify potential reasons why the error code has occurred.

1. Turn on a hot water tap and leaving the tap running while the boiler is being reset. Return to the boiler.

2. Press and hold the Standby/Reset button for 1-3 seconds (Your boiler will now attempt to relight a maximum of 5 times).

If ignition is successful during this period, E133 will not return and a flame symbol will appear at the bottom of the LCD screen. This is to show you the boiler has ignited and normal operation can be continued.

If upon resetting the boiler error code E133 reappears, you will need to make the following checks to ensure your boiler has all the requirements it needs to work.

(Please take care when attempting to re-establish your gas supply.  If you are unsure, you should always get a Gas Safe Registered engineer to do this for you).

1. Do you have sufficient credit?
If your property has a 'pay as you go' meter, check your current balance. You may need to purchase additional credit.

2. Do you have any other gas appliances in the home?
If so, check these appliances aren't experiencing similar difficulties by attempting to ignite the gas hob or gas fire if available.  If the appliances fail to ignite, you may have a gas supply problem and will need to call your supplier for assistance.

3. Is it cold outside?
If your boiler's condensate pipe has been subjected to below freezing temperatures for a prolonged period of time, it may have frozen, and will need to be thawed out before your boiler is able to work again.

To watch our video on Thawing and Preventing condensate pipe freeze click on the link right of the page.

If these checks have restored the gas supply and the condensate pipe isn't frozen, reset your boiler.

However, if your boiler is still inoperable, complete our request a boiler repair form.

Or alternatively call us on 0344 335 2266 to book a visit by a fully qualified, Gas Safe Registered heateam engineer.


Thawing and Preventing condensate pipe freeze

 Thawing and Preventing condensate pipe  freeze

If you are experiencing error code E133 on your Baxi GA boiler, and the temperature outside is below freezing. Prior to resetting your boiler, watch our "How to..." guides on thawing and preventing condensate pipe freeze.